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Jumblebass Records

Ashwary Goel

29 May 2022

Der Träumer - Reaching Out

2014 he started with his new music project “Der Träumer” (the dreamer) after being researching and experimenting on this form for 30 years—like an alchemist! Now “Der Träumer” undertakes musical adventure voyages into dreamworlds. Strongly lead by his vision to bring people back to their own boundless fantasy! To their own, self invented fascinating pictures and dreamworlds. He translates dream visions into beautiful, dramatic and mysterious music and spoken poetry. Combining genres and cinematic sound worlds in an unconventional way: electronic, sound design, noise, art pop, funk, experimental, jazz, classic and more.

We had a submission on Groovers by Der Träumer. The track had a fervent fusion of electronic music, mystery, poetry, and beauty. The track name is “Reaching Out” from the album “Ghosts” which is released on 25th May and is available on all streaming platforms.

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